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भारत सरकार का संस्थान

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Key Officials


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. PK Kar ED (Projects) 2482201
Mr. P.K. Polle ED (Technical) 94483966979
Mr. S Pandey GM(Engg. & Estate) 2483440
Mr. PK Sinha Roy GM(SPC) 2483404
Mr. PK Singh GM (Legal & Proc. Services) 2483615
Mr. G Chakraborty GM (T & MR) 2483595
Dr S Chatterjee GM (R&D and Product Development) 2483543
Mr. Vijay Kumar GM (Services) 2483045
Mr. PC Nayak GM (Elect) 2483634
Mr. CD Goswami GM (Env.and Sustainable Development)) 2483247
Mr. TP Chopra GM (Contracts, Claim and Town Administration) 2483342
Mr. R.H. Juneja GM (Finance) 2483435
Mr. Rana S Chakravarty GM (Infrastructure) 2483160
Mr AK Nan Addl. GM(Engg.) 2483016
Mr. SK Verma Jt.GM I/c (Mktg.) 2483135
Mr. NN Bose Jt. GM (P&MH) 2483333
Mr. A Bandhopadhyay Jt.GM (Civil) 2483184
Mr. AK Rao Jt.GM (Strl) 2483622
Mr. HK Bhanjdeo Jt.GM (Mineral Project) 2483474
Mr. S Sen Jt. GM (SAIL Proj) Consl. 2483614
Dr. M Biswas Jt. GM (Personnel) 2482891
Mr. R Goswami Jt. GM (C & C)
Mr. SR Mitra Jt. GM (I & PC) 2483466
Mr. RK Sinha Jt. GM(Inspection & QA) 2483290
Mr.Vijay Khanna Jt. GM (TACD)
Mr. K.K. Mohanty Jt GM (Marketing) 2542797
Mr. DK Ambasta Jt. GM (Steel Making) 2483296
Mr. A. Bhattacharya Jt GM (IT Services) 2483652
Mr. BK Samal Jt. GM (Mineral Project) 2483373
Mr Debashish Gupta Jt. GM (NMDC Project) 2483151
Mr. AK Dayal Jt. GM (NFD & Mining Project) 2483235
Mrs. Amita Banerjee Jt. GM (Project) 2483460
Dr. PK Maji Jt. GM(Energy) 2483044
Mr. UK Vishwakarma Jt. GM(MAS) 2483101
Mr AK Agrawal Jt. GM (Met. Wing) 2483681
Dr. MK Mukhopadhyay Jt. GM (RM & Mining) 2483245
Mr Sanjeev Kumar Jt.GM(Corporate Affairs) 2483105
Mrs. A.W. Biswas DGM I/c (HRD) 2410673
Mr. Ravi Bambha AGM I/c (P) & CS 2483062


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. OP Jain GM 9868392500 / 09496033370
Mr. CK Raju GM (Office I/c) 09470193063
Mr. BK Roy Jt GM (Contracts)
Mr. AK Bagchi Jt. GM (P & MH) 2114
Mr. BK Roy Jt. GM (Contract)


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. KRP Choudhuri GM 0788-22201017
Mr.NK Garg Jt.GM (FS & PD)


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. Barun Kumar General Manager 0341-2236444
Mr. PK Tewari Jt. GM (FS & PD) 3182


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. V Venugopal Executive Director 22041365
Mr. GV Walimbe GM (Energy) 9868392530
Mr. Harish Chandanani Jt. GM (Civil) 9868392504
Mr. LM Agarwal Jt. GM (Electrical) 011-22041872
Mr. VK Agrawal Jt. GM (CGD)
Mr. VK Singh Jt. GM (MAS & Commercial)
Mrs. C Roy Jt. GM (Infrastructure) 1186


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. R K Roy DGM 06726-260032/260099


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. RN Kundu GM 2483111
Mr. KP Mandal Dy. GM I/c 9434080433


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. DK Bhowmik Jt GM 22825140


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr S Chakravarty GM I/c (Project NMDC)
Mr. Jyoti Kumar GM (Site office) 09470193767
Mr. Dilip Kumar General Manager (Contract) 09967947602
Mr. UK Das Jt. GM (Civil)
Mr. SN Singh Jt. GM(Design Supervsn) 09431701943
Mr. DG Mohanty Jt. GM (Electrical) 8718809707
Mr. KC Sahu Jt.GM (Rolling Mills) 0651-2483590
Mr. MK Khatri Jt. GM (P & MH) 3444


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr R Iyer GM (Office Incharge)
Mr. BB Majumder GM 022-27812155,27812158


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. HP Das General Manager 0661-2510601


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Mr. K Sarkar GM 2483055
Mr. N Kumar Jt. GM (Rolling Mills)