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मेकॉन लिमिटेड
भारत सरकार का संस्थान

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CMD Desk

    Shri Atul Bhatt, CMD, MECON



    Dear children, officials from MECON, SAIL & Commercial Audit, the energetic Army band & platoons of schools, Members of the press, ladies and gentlemen…As a proud Indian, I congratulate you all for the 68th Republic Day & welcome you to the celebration of the day, when way back in 1950, the Union of India became the modern and contemporary Republic of India, with adoption of Constitution of India.

    As we all know our Constitution was adopted on 26th November 1949, but it came into effect on 26th January 1950 and thus India celebrates its coming into force on 26 January each year, as Republic Day. But it would be very interesting to know that the date of 26th January was chosen to commemorate the ‘Purna Swaraj’ declaration of independence of 1930.

    Our Constitution declares India a sovereign, socialist, secular & democratic republic, assuring its citizens of justice, equality & liberty, and endeavors to promote fraternity among us. The Constitution's provisions have consciously been worded so that they may be interpreted by coming generations of citizens with the onward march of time, to apply to new and ever-changing and demanding situations, making the Constitution a living and an organic document. A constitution is not a parchment of paper, it is a way of life and has to be lived up to. So, let us salute the makers of the Constitution by promising to be model citizens, for whom the welfare of the country comes first.

    Like the country belongs to its people, a company belongs to its employees. And since its inception, MECON has been fortunate to always have the best of  talent to be custodians of its knowledge base and culture. As MECON is going through a rough patch of road in its journey, the bumps are bound to be experienced but with deep domain knowledge and committed workforce of such great caliber, we are sure emerge out the current challenges with flying colours. I acknowledge the determination & untiring support of all MECONians & expect even more commitment from all of you in all our future endeavors.

    So, let us seize the moment, fasten our seat belts and collectively take all the requisite initiatives to improve our business performance. We have to both expand our business in new sectors as well as improve our performance in the existing sectors of business. And we are confident  that our efforts will  fructify into enhanced business  for MECON.

    Under the guidance of Ministry of Steel, we are working on the twin objectives of enhancing steel demand by developing steel intensive structures and by indigenizing steel making technologies to reduce reliance on imports. In this regard, we are grateful to Honourable Steel Minister for the continued patronage we have received from him.  It  was a moment of great motivation for our young engineers when our new designs of Coke Oven and Blast Furnace were  released in the august presence of our Honourable Steel Minister.

    No doubt we have aspirations to meet. However, at this critical juncture, what is required is that we collectively take the responsibility of turning around this organization and  revive the glory of this House of Engineering Excellence.  With the Make in India program of Government of India in full swing and the current focus on Infrastructure Development, there would be a number of opportunities as well as challenges for MECON. I am confident that “Team MECON” would leverage its strong competencies in engineering and technology to not only come out with flying colours but also contribute significantly to the economic development of our country.

    With this spirit, I salute the makers of our constitution, our freedom fighters, our armed forces and pay my sincere homage to the martyrs, whose supreme sacrifices have led to the making of a free & democratic nation for us.

    JAI HIND !!!